EDGEMORE™ Primo – Concrete Micro Topping for Acid/Dye-Staining

Decorative concrete overlay EDGEMORE™ Primo has a micro-topping for acid or dye staining. This concrete floor supply is intended to be used in two micro-topping applications to simulate marble or tile. Choose an acid-stained concrete floor, and you may anticipate an etched surface in a variety of earthy tones. To replicate the appearance of polished wood, natural stone, tanned leather, etc., add a stamped design. Concrete dyes are the best bet if you want bright, distinctive colors with layered and varied effects.

Features & Benefits

  • EDGEMORE™ Primo provides a one-of-a-kind and variable canvas for creating stunning designs that are sure to dazzle. 
  • It can be used for branding purposes: it works great in residential and commercial applications alike
  • Works best with gray micro-topping
  • Lengthens the life of the floor by protecting against damage from foot traffic
  • Less vulnerable to UV exposure, discoloration, peeling, and other flaws; great outdoor projects
  • You have a large selection of color options when using dyed flooring to create eye-catching images, logos, stenciled designs, etc.

Where to Use EDGEMORE™ Primo

  • Game Rooms
  • Basketball Courts
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Living Rooms 
  • Kitchens
  • Lounges
  • Showrooms


1. Apply the Bond Coat

  • Installing the bond coat is the initial task for yourEDGEMORE™ Primo floor. The bond coat should be placed in the specified grout color if you wish to incorporate grout as part of the design.
  • The ratio of bond coat differs across manufacturers. Bond coatings are typically applied at a ratio of 250–300 square feet per bag.
  • In your mixing container, start with the appropriate amount of water, add and blend in the selected colorant, and then blend in the overlay.
  • Bond coatings should be used on damp flooring because that is how they are intended to be applied. For optimal results, we always recommend using two bond coatings.

2. Install Micro-Toppings

  • Applying micro-topping mixtures on a dry floor is advised. Maintain a spread ratio of 300 to 400 square feet per bag for micro toppings. The colorant and water should first be combined, and then the micro topping should be added.
  • To prevent the finished product from thickening up too quickly, divide the mixture into two five-gallon buckets. When putting a micro-topping, the optimum application method is to utilize a steel trowel.
  • By applying the mixture in a quantity roughly equivalent to a basketball and spreading it out into the floor with a trowel, you may get rid of the rainbow appearance that a typical concrete floor supply creates. The product can also be distributed randomly throughout the floor. With a micro-topping finish, damp lines are not a concern.
  • For the appearance of marble or tile, two applications of micro-topping are required. When the first coat is fully dry, apply the second coat.

3. Sand the EDGEMORE™ Primo Floor

  • To sand the edges and smooth down the high spots that the trowel left behind, use a palm sander with 80- to 100-grit sandpaper connected to a HEPA vacuum.
  • Using a 17-inch swing machine with black scrubbing pads and a 100/200 grit sanding screen, further smooth the high points (one screen each per 250 sq. ft.)
  • Clean away the dust, then re-sand the floor until it begins to take on a faint shine. Vacuum and sweep the floor.

4. Stain the Primo Series Floor

350–500 square feet can be stained with dye or acid stains in one gallon. Both acid and dye stains should be applied with two coats. Use the sprayer’s mister tip for the greatest results.

For Dye Stain:

  • Utilize an acetone sprayer with a suitable air port to create air using an air compressor.
  • Ask your representative whether buffing the dye stain residue from the floor is necessary before the sealer is applied.

For Acid Stain:

  • Use a sprayer for acid. Spray into the bucket after pumping up the sprayer. To check for drips in the sprayer, press and release the handle.
  • Before applying the second coat of acid stain, make sure the first coat is completely dry to prevent leaving footprints on the finished floor.
  • When the desired color is obtained, mop the floor with a soft-bristle broom while using an 8:1 water-to-ammonia ratio. After that, dry the floor completely before applying the sealer. Remove any remaining water from the floor with a wet vacuum.

5. Seal the Floor

We recommend only the following types of coatings for sealing the floor: water-based sealer, 100% solid epoxy, water-based epoxy, or water-based or solvent-based urethane. We do not recommend solved-based acrylics or polyaspartics for sealing.

EDGEMORE Primo Service Areas

Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast is proud to be the #1 rated supplier of commercial, residential, and industrial epoxy flooring in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.

Our Spring Hill, TN location is convenient to most cities in Tennessee state, and we have worked with contractors in those areas’ surrounding cities and neighborhoods as well. We provide flooring products to all nearby cities including:

  • Nashville
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  • Charlotte

Concrete Micro-Topping for Acid or Dye Staining FAQs

The distinction between acid staining and dying must first be understood in order to be able to respond to this issue. Acid stain chemically reacts with the concrete to produce enduring colors and patterns. Only earthy tones are there, but the color is UV resistant and doesn't fade with time. However, concrete dyes penetrate the concrete slab and offer a lot of creative freedom by producing a layered or single-color look. In addition to having an infinite color palette, the technique is quicker than staining. But over time, dyes might deteriorate. Therefore, the optimal strategy will be determined by your needs. For more fascinating results, combine dye with acid stains as the principal coloring agent.

No, acid staining is one of the first methods used and one of the longest-lasting for your concrete floors. It is a low-maintenance option, and it doesn’t require waxing. It will not stain, fade, or chip. 

Yes! EDGEMORE™ Primo is a durable concrete overlay and is a great choice for upgrading, repairing, and decorating concrete floors. 

We recommend regular sweeping and wet mopping. Resealing the floor once every three years is recommended if it is going to see lots of foot traffic or machinery. 

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