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Garage Floor Resurfacing and Coatings in Nashville

When you’re looking for a garage floor that’s as durable as it is beautiful in Nashville, look no further than Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast. Not only are we a distributor of epoxy garage floor supplies for contractors, but we can also help you with garage floor coating, resurfacing, and repair. Whether you are looking for an epoxy or concrete garage floor coating, or one of the many other alternatives, we’re the garage floor epoxy contractors you can trust.

Benefits of Coating and Resurfacing Garage Floors

Garage floors take some of the most abuse out of any surface in your home. From constant wear and tear from vehicles driving in and out to tools, bikes, sports equipment, and other heavy objects being dropped, your garage floor coating takes a beating. Coating or resurfacing your garage floor will give it new life, and new durability, to take those beatings while remaining safe and functional.

Benefits to coating and resurfacing your garage floor include:

  • Protect your garage floor from damage.
  • Make cleaning your garage floor easier.
  • Improve the look and value of your home.
  • Improve the safety of your garage with a non-slip surface.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating & Resurfacing Products from Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast

When you’re looking for the perfect garage floor in Nashville, Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast has you covered with a wide range of epoxy and concrete garage floor coating options.


is a decorative epoxy flooring system. It comprises 100% solid, double-broadcast epoxy, quartz aggregates, and a protective top coat. This flooring product is a ⅛” – ¼” fluid-applied system where colored quartz granules are embedded and fused between two layers. It provides excellent resistance against abrasion, chemicals, and wear. Our PRECISE™ Quartz flooring solution is specially designed for high performance and durability. We offer an unlimited choice of colors to match your decor.


solid color epoxy coating that can be installed as a gloss, matte, or satin finish. It consists of a pigmented epoxy coat and a clear topcoat. This two-part epoxy penetrates deep into your concrete floor to create a highly durable surface that is chemical and abrasion-resistant. PRECISE™ Chroma is a 100% solid formulation which means that the thickness you apply it at will be the final thickness when it dries. The color stays consistent throughout your floor. This flooring product comes in an easy-to-apply kit and will add years and magnificent shine to your floors.

PRECISE™ Radiance

epoxy flooring product is created by mixing fine metallic pigments into a clear 100% solid epoxy. It requires a primer coat, a metallic epoxy base coat, and an optional clear top coat. Select the pigment color from our wide range of options or create your own color combination by mixing our available colors. The finished floor has a smooth, glass-like finish with a pearlescent 3D effect. PRECISE™ Radiance paired with your imagination can create endless possibilities.


2-3 coat magic-troweled or broom-finished pigmented concrete overlay for interior and exterior application. Choose from an array of colors in our Metro line that range from subtle to vibrant. These colors are 100% UV-stable and fade-resistant. Use colorants as liberally or as modestly as you want your floors to look. Draw attention to your floors by giving them a face-lift with our quality concrete floor supply that is built to last.


seamless trowel-grade concrete overlay that is pre-pigmented with an integral color. This product is designed for the purpose of no staining. Therefore, the floor color you install with the trowel coat is the finished color. With two micro topping applications, the EDGEMORE™ Loft can be designed to mimic the look of tile or marble. This highly durable concrete flooring supply is an excellent choice for residential as well as commercial projects.

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Types of Garage Floor Coatings

Choosing the right garage floor coating for your space can be difficult. Is an epoxy garage floor coating better for your space or a concrete garage floor coating? What’s the best fit for your budget? What is going to stand the test of time and be the best investment over the years? As one of the premier garage floor epoxy contractors, Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast can help you answer those questions.

Epoxy garage floor coating

There are two, main types of epoxy garage floor coatings: consumer-grade and industrial-grade.

Consumer-grade epoxy garage floor coating are the DIY products you see lining the aisles in your favorite hardware store. While they can be a great product for a DIY refresh of your space, they don’t offer the durability of a higher-quality epoxy product.

Industrial-grade epoxy garage floor coatings are made of higher-quality materials than DIY products and, because they are installed by trained professionals, create a more stable bond with your concrete garage floor, making them more durable and longer lasting.

Polyaspartic epoxy floor coating

A polyaspartic epoxy floor coating is considered to be the gold-star garage floor coating. Because it permeates far into your garage floor’s concrete base, it provides a super stable foundational bond that makes it more resistant to damage from impacts and abrasions, chemicals, and permanent markings left on the floor.

Acrylic floor coating

This affordable, long-lasting garage floor coating is available in a range of colors and finishes. Acrylic garage floor coatings are durable and leave your floor looking amazing for years to come.

Polyurethane floor coating

While very similar in appearance to epoxy garage floor coatings, polyurethane coatings do have some very important differences. A polyurethane floor coating cures with a more elastic finish, making it softer to walk on and more impact resistant as the impact load is more easily absorbed.

Epoxy Paint and Flake Options for Garage Floors

When you’re looking for a garage floor coating as unique as you, an epoxy garage floor coating is the perfect product for you. Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast offers a wide variety of paint and flake options so you can create a custom floor look that coordinates with your home’s existing floors or creates a one-of-a-kind garage space. Not only can you choose from a rainbow of colors, but you can also include additives such as metallic flakes and colored glass for a multi-dimensional look and feel.

Garage Floor Coating & Resurfacing Before and After

Other Garage Flooring Solutions Offered by Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast

Looking for the best “garage floor coating contractors near me”? Look no further. Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast is your go-to garage floor contractor in the Nashville area. We offer a wide variety of garage flooring solutions.

  • Epoxy garage floor installation
  • Epoxy garage floor coatings
  • Concrete garage floor repair
  • Concrete garage floor coating
  • Garage floor refinishing
  • Garage floor crack repair
  • Garage floor maintenance

Garage Flooring Service Areas

Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast is proud to be the #1 rated supplier of commercial, residential, and industrial epoxy flooring in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.

Our Spring Hill, TN location is convenient to most cities in Tennessee state, and we have worked with contractors in those areas’ surrounding cities and neighborhoods as well. We provide flooring products to all nearby cities including:

Epoxy Garage Flooring Service Areas

Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast offers our expert garage floor coating and resurfacing services and products in a variety of locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas. You can find us in:


Dallas, Texas

Nashville Tennessee

Little Rock Arkansas

Why Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast For Garage Flooring Products and Resurfacing in Nashville, Tennessee?

Resinous Flooring Supply Southeast knows garage floors. Whether you are looking for a brand-new epoxy garage floor coating, a resurfacing of your concrete garage floor, or anything in between, our experts can help you identify the product and service that will meet your needs and budget.

We are also experts in a wide variety of epoxy garage floor coatings and concrete garage floor coatings. Our staff can help other contractors find and purchase the right product for their flooring jobs.

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